Slide Show: Take a brief tour of the UMBS~Flux site.
Tower: Details of Ameriflux tower construction and instrumentation. Information on the Forest Accelerated Succession tower coming soon.
Vegetation and Soils: Vegetation maps and baseline ecological data.
Climate: Climatological data from near the UMBS~Flux tower site.

The UMBS~Flux ecological research site and meteorological tower is located at 45o 33' 35.0'' N, 84o 42' 49.6'' W on UMBS land (see figures, below). These coordinates were established using a Garvin GPS attached to a real-time differential beacon (the Cheboygan Station) and are accurate to within 2 meters.

The following pages contain more specific descriptions of the meteorological tower, the vegetation within the flux footprint, and climatological conditions at the UMBS~Flux tower site. For more information on the UMBS area, visit the UMBS research web site or take a brief pictoral tour of the UMBS~Flux location.

UMBS is in northern lower Michigan, approximately 40 km south of the straits of Mackinaw.

The research site is about 1.5 km south of Douglas Lake and 3 km west of the Biological Station facilities.