Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center

The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) was established at The Ohio State University in September, 1991. Primary support for the ABRC is provided by a National Science Foundation grant. The mission of the ABRC is to acquire, preserve and distribute seed and DNA resources that are useful to the Arabidopsis research community.

We are pleased to announce that new professional members have been added to the staff at the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC). Erich Grotewold is assuming the position of Director of ABRC and PI of the NSF grant supporting ABRC. Dr. Jelena Brkljacic has been hired effective August 1, 2009 as an Associate Director. Dr. Emma Knee, who has been involved in the DNA operation aspects of the ABRC for the past 12 years, will serve as an Associate Director. We are very pleased to be able to add these new individuals to our staff, and we believe this will enable us to serve you better in the future. Randy Scholl, who has served as Director of ABRC and PI of the grant, has officially retired from OSU. He will however remain with ABRC in a somewhat reduced capacity for the near future.

New seed and DNA enter ABRC through donation by national and international researchers. An identifying number is assigned to each stock. The stock is then evaluated, documented and made available for distribution. The preservation of seed and DNA stocks is conducted according to strict, defined protocols. Backups of stocks are maintained to ensure preservation.

The ABRC's holdings and stock distribution rates have increased rapidly so that presently hundreds of thousands of stocks are available. More than 100,000 stocks are shipped annually to researchers in more than 60 countries, and modest fees for stocks are charged.

The ABRC database functions and ordering system are incorporated into The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR). Researchers can obtain information about Arabidopsis, perform stock searches, order stocks, and view current and past orders.

We welcome new seed and DNA stock donations at any time.

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Revised: 26-Aug-2009

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